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This website/blog isn't really about me, but was created to give updates and foster prayer for my wife. That said, I know there are many people out there that may not know me personally, but have been faithful in prayer for us. Thank you. So, in case you were wondering a little bit about who we are, I've pasted an old family video along with an old facebook post detailing "25 Random Things About Me" - written about 3 years ago. I'm sure the list would change if I updated it - but alas, I'm busy.....so enjoy. 

25 Random Things About Me...
(cut and pasted from an old facebook posting)
by Peter Cho on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 9:41pm

1. I grew up with 3 sisters and so I watched a lot of Gidget and Little House on the Prairie growing up. Since we had a rotational system I only got to watch G.I. Joe and Voltron every four days. This was when I first realized that “life is not fair”.

2. Most people assume I was spoiled since I was the “honja sonja” (only son) in my family, but guess who had the sole responsibility for taking out the garbage, lawn-mowing, gardening, shoveling, painting, raking, mapping the human genome, solving the Middle-East crisis, etc. Yes, yours truly.

3. When I was six I heroically saved my sister Lydia and my house from burning to the ground by dialing 1-1-9. When that didn’t work I dialed “0” and then the firemen came and my dad hailed me a hero.

4. Through most of my childhood and adolescence I was so shy I was a virtual mute. Shocking…I know.

5. I wrestled my freshman year in high school in the 107lb weight class. When I tell people this their first reaction is usually cardiac arrest. I had a pathetic record of 3-10. My teammates called me “Bleeder Cho” (rhymes with Peter Cho) because I almost always ended up with a bloody nose in every match.

6. I took piano lessons for seven years and trumpet for three but the one instrument I learned on my own will always be my first love – my guitar.

7. When I was 16 I worked as fry guy at McDonald’s for two weeks but was effectively fired after spilling too much fry oil and nearly killing my grandmotherly co-worker with a slip-and-fall.

8. I started out as a finance major in college and ended up switching to accounting. I worked in public accounting for two years and then switched back to finance. But despite my technical financial background, I think I was made to use the other side of my brain as I love to do creative things like draw, write (songs or anything).

9. Sometimes I look at my life and I can’t believe how good and faithful the Lord has been to me. Amazing.

10. One time in college I was going #2 in the library when I suddenly realized I was sitting in the girls’ bathroom. I was smart enough to figure it out when I kept hearing female voices coming in and out of the bathroom.

11. For some reason, I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple godly older men serve as mentors and disciplers to me for many, many years. What a blessing!

12. It took me 3 years to convince my wife that she liked me. I wrote an epic story about my relentless pursuit of her on my old xanga page but stopped after chapter 8 because it was too painful to relive the memories, but apparently it was well-read because I still have random people I don’t know come up to me asking me to finish it.

13. I rarely ever cry. Ask my wife. I've endured some great physical pain in my life (broken ribs, smashed eyeball, broken heart, etc) without even sniffling but for some reason, if I'm in worship and I'm getting blessed or see others getting blessed the tears flow like Niagara. It's crazy.

14. My wife is the most beautiful person I know. She is my best friend and God in His perfect wisdom brought us together because we complement each other perfectly. I’m a thinker, she’s a feeler. I’m a night owl, she’s a morning person. I’m driven by conviction (truth), she’s driven by compassion (grace). I’m about value, she’s about quality. I argue using rationale and logic, she argues using……???

15. Nearly every night at the dinner table – the whole family (except Selah) goes around and shares our “highs” and “lows” for the day. I think that special time is often the “high” of my day.

16. My second toe is a full toenail longer than my big toe. This rare physical “gift” has many benefits – for example, I am typing this entire list with my feet right now. (p.s. Kim hates it when I do this because of the resultant toejam on the keyboard – but it will be our little secret!)

17. I am falling more and more in love with God and His Word as I get older.

18. I hardly watch any tv, I’d much rather spend an evening talking to my wife or reading a book.

19. I’m a rabid fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and I love to antagonize my long-suffering Cubbie friends. I know it’s mean but it’s so easy…and so fun.

20. I have never met anyone with a greater heart for evangelism than my grandmother. She can barely speak english but she takes gospel tracts with her wherever she goes for as long as I can remember.

21. I am useless at fixing things. We had a guy named Dean remodel our basement and help with various handyman projects many years ago. When my oldest son (C) was three I remember one time a light bulb went out and he immediately yelled, “Call Mr. Dean!”

22. One time I ate a Kashi high-fiber bar right before getting on my Metra train home. That was the longest hour of my life. I didn't know the human body could sweat while sitting perfectly still in room-temperature.

23. Although, people often say I look serious, I love laughing and making people laugh. I’m hilarious once you get to know me. Honest.

24. I love grilling all kinds of meats. I love everything about it: the smoke, the flavor the quest for perfection. I think I come from the tribe of Levi.

25. I love mountains and hiking. To me a perfect day would be hiking a mountain trail with my wife, my guitar and my Bible.


  1. I love reading about you and Kim. I have been praying for you both. When she is well, I wish I could meet you both. I found out about you from Sally Huston.

  2. Hi Peter. Kim and I attended small group together and when I heard about the Lymphoma I was at a loss of words. Therefore I never said anything, but Kim has been in my prayers. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I will be going through this journey knowing that Christ is by my side all the way. This site and "Seeing Jesus in Everything" has allowed me to realize that God has ALL things in His control. I pray that both our journeys (Kim, me and our families) will help us to be totally dependent on God. Let this cancer be used for His Honor, Glory and for His Kingdom. Lidia Yanez.

    1. Thank you for sharing Lidia, and for your prayers. We are so glad that our journey has ministered to you and is playing a small part in preparing you for your battle which will bring Him glory as you walk by faith. Know that daily prayers are being lifted for you and your family.

      Peter & Kim