Friday, July 13, 2012

Answered Prayer! (Help Needed!)

Dear Friends, 

It looks like we have received approval to host a bone marrow drive at the GKYM (Global Korean Missions Conference) - praise the Lord! There will be approximately 5,000 people attending the conference and we hope to get 1/2 of them registered.  Here is how you might be able to help:

We need help pre-labeling swab kits!  If you have a group of people (friends/family/co-workers/etc) that can get together sometime next week and pre-label swab kits, a kind volunteer named Danielle Vickers (from Be the Match) can come out and show you how to do it and give you all the supplies.  Or if you’d like to take a box of 100, Be the Match can send them directly to you and speak with you by phone to explain how to label. They can also pick them up from you upon completion.

We need help during the drive! The drive will take place at Wheaton College Tuesday, July 24th through Thursday, July 26th.  We are waiting on an exact timeframe, however it will most likely be during the day.  We may possibly have an evening timeframe but that is not confirmed yet. If you cannot make it, do you know someone that can?  Or do you know someone that needs volunteer hours?  We might have two booths and we will need all the help we can get.
Please  contact Danielle Vickers at or 847-226-4829 if you think you can help by doing any of the above. If you cannot please consider passing this request on to family/friends. 

Connor is desperately looking for a match and I recently was introduced to the parents of another 4 year old girl named Victoria (same age as my little girl) who is desperately searching for a match to saver her life and is running out of time. Please help them and so many others. Thanks so much!

In His Grace,

Peter & Kim

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