Monday, August 13, 2012

Seeing Jesus in Our Trials

A few weeks ago Kim and I attended the wedding of an old friend and while there we came across another couple named Tim and Agnes that we had not seen or talked to in years as they had moved from Chicago to DC five years ago. Apparently, they had found out about Kim's cancer via Facebook and were following along and praying for us from the beginning. It was obvious that they shed many tears on our behalf as they flowed freely when we saw them.  So humbling.

What came next simply blew us away.  They knew all about our story but then they began to share with us their story. Around the same time they moved to DC and lost touch with us five years earlier their firstborn son was diagnosed with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome - a rare genetic form of autism. It's so severe that even to this day he has great difficulty with basic communication. This completely blindsided them. Tim was building a career in investment banking and Agnes' dermatology practice was taking off and this young family's future was so bright and suddenly they were looking at a parent's worst nightmare. Agnes shared with Kim how she slipped into depression and couldn't even get herself to go to work for nearly a year. Just as they began to grapple with their son's condition and things began to resemble some form of normalcy Tim was struck by a car. He was out for a jog and someone ran through a stoplight and ran over his leg basically shattering it. On top of that, he had a blood clot after surgery near his heart and for a while Agnes thought that she had lost him for good. After about 18 months of rehab Tim was finally starting to run again. But what was most amazing was seeing how much they had grown in their love for God and others not despite their trials but because of their trials.

Their son still has autism and Tim still has a steel rod in his leg. But I can tell you this - they looked so happy. It was so obvious that despite their hardships God has done an amazing work in their lives. While initially they were much more private about their personal struggles they no longer hesitate to share with anyone who will listen what God has done and is doing - they want Him to receive all the glory and that's why they've given me permission to share it on this blog.  Please pray for this family and their son

The song below is one that ministered to this family as they asked the question:"Why us God?" What a powerful witness it is to choose to worship God not when things go your way but when things don't. The world cannot understand this kind of joy and peace and yet it's what everyone longs for.

Sometimes you struggle with understanding why God does things. Why He sometimes chooses not to heal a courageous teenager as in the case of Andrew. Why He sometimes allows a young boy like Connor to continue on his quest for a bone marrow match. I've asked Him at times why in our journey Kim has experienced healing and these young boys have not - though it looked that way for a while. But when I ran across our friends Tim and Agnes I was reminded once again. God has a plan and a purpose for all of us and He is always working for the good of those who love Him. Always. I'm sure Agnes had difficulty seeing this when her son was diagnosed with autism. I'm sure Tim had difficulty seeing this when he was hit by a car. But they see it more clearly now - or perhaps I should say that they see Jesus more clearly now - and that has made all the difference in the world.

In His Grace,
Peter & Kim


  1. Powerful testimony. Our God is indeed great.

  2. So glad your friends are sharing their amazing testimony. Too many Asians are private - and your blog is a wonderful example of how God's people come together in prayer, for brothers and sisters in Christ we've never met...and can rejoice and mourn together as a family of believers through openess and transparency.

  3. Amazing. Thank you for sharing their story with me/us. This is another example of beauty through and in suffering. It touches my heart to know how much Agnes & Wonseuk have been changed for His glory and their joy through this.