Friday, March 27, 2015

Faith, Hope and LOVE

I ran across this "spoken word" poem from a very talented artist named Janette...ikz about 4 years ago.  Her poem was entitled "I Will Wait For You" and it's an honest look at the disappointments in seeking a soul mate but finding satisfaction in the one who created her soul. I remember listening to this and thinking "she gets it".  Though she learned some tough lessons in dating the best thing she learned was that ultimate love can only be ultimately measured by and found in the One who is love -- Jesus Christ.

Well, I was happy to find another video from her this week. Apparently, she waited in hope for that man and she got married recently and recorded her vows. I'm so glad that her faith was rewarded on earth as it yet will be in heaven. God has granted her a Prince Charming for her time on earth but a greater Prince awaits her in heaven and she has not lost sight of that greater hope and promise.

I pray that my little girl gives her first and greatest love to the only man that can never disappoint her. Not her boyfriend. Not even me, her father. But the one who made her and loves her more than He loves himself. I hope she sees that the marriage vows she makes before her husband one day are only a picture of the covenant vows that Jesus has already made to her so that her struggle to keep her promise will be strengthened by Christ's promise to always keep His (Rom 8:38-39). I pray that she will find herself whole and complete not in an earthly man, but in the perfect God-man who provides a lasting "shalom" (wholeness, peace) and a perfect (complete) love.

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