Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seeing Jesus in a Donkey: Blessings and Curses

Now that I've got your attention please allow me to explain my blog post title....

I had the great privilege of giving the Sunday sermon at my home church yesterday from Numbers 22-24 which covered Balaam and his donkey (i.e. "ass"). Since I didn't have much time to prepare I recycled an old sermon that I have given a few times before at various churches. It's actually part sermon/part personal testimony of how God has taken some of the greatest "curses" in my life, like my wife's cancer, and transformed it into a myriad of incredible blessings and how this dynamic is true for all believers. So, if you are in a difficult place and find yourself questioning the goodness of God in the hardness of life - please take a listen and be reminded again of what the message of the gospel really is and what it means for you today and for your future. God is in control - even when we are not. God is good - even when we are not. God is always working for the good - even if we (or others) are not.

You can listen by using the embedded MP3 player below, or you can find the archived sermon HERE or MP3 link HERE, if you'd rather download the file into your iPod/iPhone and listen later.

I've also posted a few diagrams/pics I used in my powerpoint slides below because it is difficult to envision what I am speaking of via audio alone. I'd recommend not scrolling down and reviewing the diagrams and pics until you're about 25 minutes into the sermon. That is where I begin to tie everything together with the gospel and show you how can you see Jesus....even in an "ass".  =)

Lord bless.


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