Wednesday, October 14, 2015

God is Good

What does it mean when a Christian says, "God is good'? Can't speak for everyone but for me it's not just a public declaration but a private reminder that....
...every good thing in my life, comes directly from Him, so be grateful.
...if He did not withhold His own Son from me, why would He withhold any other good gift, so be logical.
...He is always working for my good, regardless of my present circumstances, so be faithful.
...if I choose to reject God in this life, I am choosing to be separated from all that is good for an eternity, so be rational.
...when I am not good, He is still good, so love unconditionally.
Needed this reminder especially today -- in the wake of my beloved Cardinals loss. smile emoticon
God is good.


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  2. God is really good! All the time, He is. No matter what are attitude may be, He won't refuse to love us forevermore. :)
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