Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Very Happy Anniversary

...on April 21st, 2001, my beautiful wife said, "I do.", and God, Himself, joined us together...

Last year (on our 10 year anniversary) I pulled out my old college journal and found this entry dated March 19th, 1997 (4 years before we got married). I had not read it with Kim until our 10 year anniversary and it's a bit more meaningful today given what we have gone through since. (WARNING: the content is exceedingly sappy and spiritual - I'm pretty sure I was reading Jim Elliot's memoirs at the time I wrote this):   
April 21st, 2001
"Have been spending more time with Kim lately. Went out to study with Jane and her tonight at Barnes & Noble...I must admit that before really spending time with her, I had exceedingly high expectations of her and who she is. 14 months of prayer can easily do that. But what continues to surprise me is that as I see more of her I am realizing that my expectations of her were wrong -- they were much too low. Because when I see her, I see Christ, and what greater beauty is there then your Son who loved me and gave himself for me? I must confess at times I often stop in despair because I know I do not deserve someone like Kim. But I find peace and comfort in the gift of my salvation which was neither earned or deserved, and am quickly reminded that no good gift from You is really deserved. And this is how I see her. As a gift from You. Her friendship. Her sisterhood. Her Christ-likeness. All gifts from you. And if nothing comes of us more than these 3 things, I can still do nothing but praise my God because You have enriched my life because of her. And for that I am thankful." 
I told you it was sappy but it is true. It was true 15 years ago and even more true today....

To my lovely wife: "I love you." 
To my loving God: "I thank you." 

So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her. -Genesis 29:20

In His Grace,

Peter & Kim