Saturday, April 7, 2012

What if God?

Reposted in honor of the One who has risen...

What if God?
What if God became a man?
Would he arrive in secret....or announce his coming? (Isaiah 7:14)
Would he come in riches....or in rags? (Luke 2:7)
Would he appear majestic...or ordinary? (Isaiah 53:2)
Would he conceal himself...or let us witness? (1 John 1:1)
Would he speak in clich├ęs….or transcendent truth? (Matthew 7:28)
Would he be pious….or perfect? (Luke 23:41)
Would he abolish the old….or fulfill it new? (John 5:39)
Would he feel what we feel?
Fatigue? (John 4:6)
Thirst? (John 19:28)
Sorrow? (John 11:35)
Pain? (Psalm 22:1)
Would he come to be served…or to serve? (John 13:5)
Would he demonstrate supremacy over…
Our laws? (Mark 2:28)
Our traditions? (John 2:19)
Our sins? (Luke 7:49)
The natural? (Mark 4:41)
The supernatural? (Matthew 8:16)
Disease? (Matthew 12:15)
Death? (John 11:25)
Even his own? (1 Corinthians 15:6)
What if we were not good enough to reach God? (Romans 3:23)
Would he be good enough to come to us? (John 3:16)

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