Friday, June 15, 2012

Seeing Jesus in Fatherhood

ANDREW UPDATE (from Joe's Blog): An amazing thing happened just a few moments ago!  I just got back from a quick birthday dinner for Jennifer, yes it's her birthday, and when our nurse Nicole was asking him if he was okay, he opened his eyes.  I quickly got up to see Andrew trying to open his eyes a bit, albeit in a drug induced stupor.  The next thing sent me over the edge!  I asked if he could squeeze my hand, which he has failed to do over and over the past 13 days since he has been sedated and on an respirator, and to my surprise...HE SQUEEZED MY HAND AND HE SQUEEZED IT STRONG!  IT LASTED A COUPLE OF SECONDS, BUT IT WAS A MANLY SQUEEZE.  IT WAS A SQUEEZE SAYING I AM HERE DAD! It was if he was telling me that he is fighting and he still remains strong.  I asked him if he wanted me to  stay and hold his hand and he nodded gingerly, barely noticeable if I wasn't looking at him. THIS SIMPLE ACT, MADE MY DAY!!!!!  ---  Thanks for praying everyone - please continue to lift up Andrew and Connor! God is good.
We recently heard from some praying friends of ours at Entrusted With a Child's Heart because they wanted to see if they could re-post something I wrote a few months ago regarding fatherhood on their blog for Father's Day.  It was an honor to be asked because this is a great ministry and one of the best biblically-based parenting books out there which we have benefited from so if you have a minute check out their site and book - it's a great resource for parents. You can find their blog HERE - but I've also posted the content below as well. Happy Father's Day weekend everyone!

"For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named." -Ephesians 3:14

God was a father before any of us ever were. So when He describes Himself as a Father in the Bible He did not create the divine example to explain the earthly one - the heavenly Father was, is, and always will be. Rather, I believe He created the earthly example to reveal to us the divine one. And although, due to sin, every father on earth is a broken picture of our perfect Father in heaven, through having fathers and being fathers we are given small glimpses of the ultimate Father we were designed to long for and love. A good earthly father blesses us with a small taste of this divine love, a bad or absentee father elicits a profound longing for a better and greater father. Therefore, we should praise God for our fathers regardless of how good or bad they were, because I am convinced that both were ultimately given in God's providence to lead each of us to Him - our heavenly Father.

I know I'm anything but a perfect father and my kids would be the first to agree. But I've learned much about God from being a father myself and despite all of its many joys this has been fatherhood's greatest reward. Below is something I wrote over 6 years ago which shares some of what I've learned. Wishing everyone a happy upcoming Father's Day.

A Father's Love - written on Feb 28, 2006


Thanksgiving 2011

Sometimes the deepest truths are learned through the simplest means. A dear friend once told me a long time ago, that when you become a father it will open up a new chamber in your heart that you didn’t think was possible. I couldn’t really understand what he meant – but I’m beginning to now.  You are given a capacity to love that frankly you didn’t know you were capable of.  


I love my sons. I love them more than myself. I didn’t think that was possible. When I go into Caleb’s room late at night – I’ll just sit and stare at him sleeping. Freaky - I know. Then I’ll tuck him in and whisper, “I love you.” I don’t think he ever hears me but I want him to dream about my love for him. I want him to know me…and I want him to know how much I love him. He can’t do much for me…he’s only three and a half years old. Perhaps grab a tv remote when I’m too lazy to get up, or a pair of socks – but nothing I can’t already do for myself. But he loves being around me and I love being around him. 

He’ll wake up early in the morning just so he can see me before I leave for the day. He’ll come to the bathroom and after I shave – he’ll want to shave. When I put on my belt he always insists on doing the last part. When I sit on the bed and put on my black socks he’ll sit next to me and do the same – what can I say? He wants to be like me. And every morning as I walk out the garage door he says the same thing, “Ah-bah, be careful. Don’t bump into any cars.” I watch him at the door as the garage door is going down and when it’s halfway down I see him scurry back upstairs – he only came downstairs for me. When I come home from work he runs at me at full speed and laughing to give me a "collision hug" – and no matter how hard a day it’s been – it always makes me smile. There is nothing greater than seeing your own children happy - especially when you are the source of their joy.


I’ve learned so much about God’s love towards me since becoming a father myself. I’ve realized more and more His love towards me is not conditional upon what I can “do” for him…because frankly, there’s nothing I can do for Him that He can’t already do Himself. He just wants me to know him…and know how much He loves me. He wants me to wake up early and meet Him and strive to be more like Him. He wants me to be happy and I am only completely happy in Him. And I am certain it brings Him great pleasure when He is the source of my joy. The irony is that He gave up His only Son – so that I could be His child…so that I could be with Him. 


What is love? I’m beginning to understand it…and yet in some ways it has become a greater mystery to me. 

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”  - John 3:16

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  1. Thanks for reminding us of our heavenly Father's love to us this Father's Day weekend! Thank you for also sharing your heart and this post...feel so blessed to have you as my brother. I am truly humbled to see how the Lord is using you and Kim through all of life's trials. We love you and hope you have a happy father's day too!