Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bad Hair Day

After a long drive across the city in rush-hour traffic yesterday afternoon we finally got to U of Chicago hospital and got our room. Things are a little slower than we are used to (took me 4 hours to get a cot) but these people are the best of the best, very kind and we are thrilled to be here. Kim started the Rituxan around 11pm and got through it like a champ! Some of the other CHOP meds are now being administered with no problems so far. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

So over the last few days Kim's hair has been falling out in clumps. We've tried to warn the kids but how can you really prepare for this? She tried blow-drying it after her shower but she was literally blowing the hair off her head. So I had to do what we had tried to avoid to the last second...I buzzed off Kim's hair, We did it on the balcony off our bedroom and Selah insisted on coming in. When she saw what I had done - she cried inconsolably. I'm sure if there was a Disney princess with a Sinead O'Connor look she probably would have taken it better. (Let's get on it Disney! You've got every other hair color and ethnicity! Where's your bald princess already?!?) Fortunately, our good friend Julie came armed with a wide selection of wigs at just the right time yesterday morning and we found one that really looks like Kim's natural hair.

So to lighten the mood (and as promised) I took the next turn on the clippers. I have had the same haircut since I was 13 years old, but I must say there was something very cathartic about cutting my own reverse mohawk and it was good for a few laughs from Selah. The boys didn't like it (they say I don't look like "Dad") and Kim and I had a serious discussion on this matter on the way to the hospital. We need your help in settling a heated debate. This was probably already very obvious to all of you, but my dramatic haircut has changed my universe of "celebrity look-alikes" so after viewing the pictures below please participate in our discussion by casting a vote on the poll (to the right side bar below Kim's pic) to settle our debate.

Who do you think my new look most resembles? (please vote)
Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible)?

Keanu Reeves (Speed)?

David Beckham (Manchester United)?

Happy Buddha (on South Beach Diet)?

Dalai Lama (after Chinese Buffet)?

Please cast your vote wisely and remember someone's feelings are at stake.

In His Grace,

Peter & Kim


  1. We're so happy the meds were administered without any problems. We felt a huge burden to pray last night. I vote for none of the above. Instead, my vote goes to the cartoon Arthur without the glasses:

  2. Or maybe it's an egg in an egg cup:

  3. None of these do your new look justice, Peter. And, I'll leave it at that. ; )

    from Kyra: i lllovee you

    thanks for the uplifting posts this morning!

  4. praise God! we'll keep praying.

    i believe i have been the only honest voter so far...

    love you guys!

    nate (annie and chang kids)

    i'll have to wait for annie to cast her vote and then we'll see how long the debate lasts in our family!

  5. The votes are in for my 3 boys. Matthew and Alex say David Beckham and Daniel says Dalai Lama, I say Tom Cruise. However, no can came close to your amazing DIMPLES!! Your new hair cut brings them out ; ) hehehe

    Love you guys!! Tell Km we love her dearly!!!
    Carmen X. Kim

  6. To be able to comment I need to see a profile pic. If your head is flat in the back like most Koreans we need to add another candidate, sponge bob.

    We love you guys.

  7. Please excuse my mean hearted husband. I was thinking more along the lines of the Rock.....And you left out a slew of possibilities: Bruce Willis, vin, Andre Agassi, And of course, Patrick Stewart!! :(

  8. @Bernie: LOL! If I'm Sponge Bob, I'd say you're a dead ringer for....Shrek!

  9. I was going to go with Davis Beckham until I saw the Dalai Lama, more because of his amazing energy and grace. And he smiles properly.

    Has the package arrived yet?


    1. Lynn, just got the package yesterday night. It's so elastic that it fits Selah's head too and looks great on her! They can share. =) You're so thoughtful - thank you.

      -Peter (the Dalai Lame-O)

    2. I can make Selah one too! Maybe help be be a little more like mommy, understand a little better. What is her favorite color?

  10. i was thinking buddha but after a 2nd look, "yup!" def the dalai lama (ok, younger version of course...)


  11. Praising the Lord for an uneventful round 2 of chemo- thanks for the update! And Peter I actually think you look just as good if not better with a shaved head... that is, unless you do have some spongebob action going on in the back. :) Regardless, I'm pretty certain Kim looks better than all of the above. Praying for her physical comfort post-chemo.

  12. after carefully examining all my choices, I'd say Dalai Lama...However, I would have to agree with Lisa on that you are much more handsome! As Billy would say...jar seng gyut suh!!! Thanks so much for your updates and we continue to pray for His protection for all of you. WHITING!!! ;OP

  13. We're so happy to hear that this round went well. Praise the Lord! As for your new look, I say as long as you don't resemble Lord Voldemort, you're all good!

  14. Dude, you look exactly the same. Joe has shaved his hair for Andrew and this was not the first time. The first time when Andrew's hair was falling out, it was very difficult for him emotionally, but then he got over it very quickly.
    This time around, due to the intense chemo, Andrew's hair has been falling out much more quickly and in chunks that he immediately said, "dad, here are the clippers, can you just shave it off". As Joe started to shave it off, he started with the smaller size trimmer or whatever that piece is called. However ,today we were at the hospital and noticed the short buzz Andrew had was shedding ALL over his hospital bed/pillow, so I took him into the bathroom at the hospital (thank goodness they had clippers) and I completely shaved it down to the bare skin. He actually had fun because he wanted to try to do it himself. I guess you had to be there it was funny.

    Moving on, I cannot really compare who you look like or anything like that, but I think you look handsome regardless, because it is how God has chosen you to be so supportive of Kim! And I commend you by supporting Kim!

    As for Kim, I can only say I'm sure it must feel so weird for her but she is so strong and from what I have heard and experienced with Andrew and from many others who told me, when the hair grows back the texture is quite different and the hair usually grows back in so much of a better texture. So I hope maybe this is something she can look forward to as it grows back.
    ( another way to look at it is that.... its one less expense with hair products! HA!

    Now as for Sela, I know she is still young, but when I was a single mom with Bryanna before we moved to Chicago, we grew her hair and donated it to an organization called Locks of Love. I have always tried to encouraged her about others who are in need for whatever it may be and she had seen some children who did not have hair and asked me why in the past that those children did not have hair, so when I explained, she said she wanted to give her hair to others in need. And at that time she was only a year older than Sela. Bryanna is a very loving girl and I would love to have Bryanna be like an uhnee to Sela and talk to her and help her understand what she was feeling during that time she had questions and was a bit frightened. Bry is really good with little children even at 10 years of age.

    I know its not the same because I wasn't going through what Kim is going through now, and I'm sure it could have been different if roles were different, but Bryanna has seen her oppa go through this twice and have had the experience before we came to Chicago from others to really see first hand that sometimes the outside of your beauty is not what matters to God.

    I pray for your family and pray for your children to be strong and are able to cope with all the changes and questions they must be feeling. I know that you know we are going through so much, but please know that we are here for your family as well and I truly would love to help your children cope with many confusing thoughts that they must have. Bryanna may only be 10, but she really has gone through quite a bit in her young 10 years from us being in CA and then coming to here.

    Well, may God be with you and Kim and the children and remember to always know that God is with you and its the man upstairs who thinks you look handsome! And you already know that Kim is beautiful with or without hair!

    Love in Christ,

  15. Praise God for the smooth infusions! Will continue praying during your hospital stay...especially for that pericardial fluid. Please God, no surgical set-backs!

    Kim, you've always been such a beautiful person both inside and out. Hair or no hair, the light from your countenance and soul could never be diminished. You were created by the master artist, and so, will always remain His amazing work of art.

    As for your new "Avatar," Peter, the one person...errr, I should say character...that came to mind for me was Homer Simpson! I feel like you could be his long lost brutha from another mutha :)