Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

KIM UPDATE: Kim is doing great with her 2nd round of chemo so far and feeling good. A few more days to go! Thank you all so much for your prayers! We feel them!!
Kim sans her "award-winning" hair
Did you know that Kim was voted as having the "Best Hair" in her senior class in high school? I'm not kidding...go check a Glenbard West yearbook circa 1994. So you can imagine how a beautiful woman with beautiful hair feels when she loses her award-winning coiffure. I tried to sympathize but my biggest claim to fame in high school was getting expelled for three days for punching a kid on the bus and explaining it to the vice-principal as "pushing his face...with my...fist" (FYI -she didn't buy it).  I tried to cheer her up by shaving my own head, but let's face it, an ugly man with a large forehead volunteering to shave his thin hair is akin to a fat man, allergic to vegetables, volunteering his celery sticks - it just don't mean much!

This conundrum has led me to another plan. I've decided to do something entirely different to cheer Kim up. Back in the day when Xanga was around, just for fun I started writing a series about the pursuit and courtship of Kim. So many people openly wondered how a "girl like her" could end up with a "guy like me" so I wanted to demystify the mystery - as it were. With great wit and toil I managed to produce 8 riveting chapters (about halfway through) but alas, it all came to a screeching halt when I could no longer revisit the pain and agony of three long years of inexorable rejection. I realized then that time had not healed those wounds. Mind you, this would have been the next "Pride and Prejudice" or "Gone with the Wind" had I not dropped my pen, but my heart could not go on - that is....until now. Watching Kim fight through her pain has inspired me to fight through mine.

Friends, I have found renewed strength. I will complete the series and IT...SHALL... BE...EPIC! For the three of you out there who actually followed the series about 7 years ago - I am certain that there is no need to recall my unforgettable intro, but I will indulge the other 9 people who are frequenting this site. And so it begins....
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: The Introduction
For all of you losers out there wallowing in self-pitied loneliness...

For all of you wimps trying to find a way to capture her heart...

For all of you mean girls who asked me, "What the heck does she see in you?"

...I am your champion. 

Beauty & The Beast: the pursuit, rejection, perseverance and courtship of my wife

Independent Reviews of "Beauty and the Beast":

"An epic love story of heartbreak...of inspiring devotion...of heart-wrenching agony...of glorious triumph...and of complete idiocy."  -Joel Siegel, USA Today

"Two thumbs up! Way, way up...this is the best love story ever told since Gigli!" –Ebert & Roeper

"I laughed and I cried......but only because I'm bi-polar schizophrenic." -random guy off street


  1. I love reading your updates and witty, uplifting take on ALL things. Thanks for letting us in to your heart Peter! Love to you and Kim! -Kindra

  2. My goodness, I'm totally addicted to reading your blogs Peter!!! I swear all I do is think about you guys and what you will be sharing with us next. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to walk with you during this time. Kim, you are just gorgeous!!! That smile just lights up my heart! Please know that I am always thinking of you and praying that God continues to take care of you!!! You are truly loved...can you feel it???

    Con mucho amor tu amiga,
    Carmen Kim

  3. yay! i'm the one of three! glad kim is doing better this round. will continue to keep you guys in prayers. give her a gentle hug from me.


  4. Kim, you are so pretty (My daughter Michelle said the same thing when she saw you the other day at CEC). Peter, you are a great husband. You too are in my prayers.


  5. I think you'll like this link about Beauty and the Beast in a message!

  6. Yay! The epic continues! Did you know that as a retreat committee member, when I heard Kim was bringing a friend to CEC summer retreat the summer after her graduation, I NEVER thought it would be a boy! It totally messed with the room assignments. As a passive observer of your guys' relationship I'm so bless to see how God is using it to bring glory to His name :-). We're praying for you every night!

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  8. Oh, I have a Pinnacle from 1994, but it's in a box somewhere with the other 3.....

    Whilst I may have envied the hair, true beauty comes from within. No shortage on that, Kim!! God Bless you as you continue down this path, praying for you all. :-)

    Lauren (Mergen) Tanner

  9. You pushed a guy in the face with your fist?? You too nice to do that...I had thought :)

    Glad Kim is doing well. Hope you and the kids are doing well too. We're praying for all of you!!

  10. It must be difficult to have a drastic change in our appearance, but as we all know, God always looks at us as beautiful people know matter what.
    Yesterday as Andrew's hair was falling out even with shaving most of it off, we had decided to shave it to the bare head as much as we could. There are still some stubbles that just fall out along with the rest of his face and body parts, but we look at him as the person who inspires us! This is you Kim. And Peter, this is you as well. Joe has shaved his hair and I just think its a wonderful thing!
    Today was Andrew's 17th Birthday and unfortunately he is in the hospital because he is neutropenic. Several of his school friends and other close friends came by today to help celebrate his day and what I found so encouraging was that his friends brought their own clippers and shaved their head and wanted to have Andrew's initials designed into it as best as we could. (Of course, somehow I became the barber for these boys!). I'm not sure if I can post the photo up on this blog but I will post it up on Andrew's blog.
    Today, my little one asked me if she could shave her hair and I said, its up to you! I was really surprised she said that. Anyhow, Kim and Peter, you are so beautiful and wonderful in so many ways and you keep ME personally inspired through your faith and strength to keep fighting. Yes, I know you may think we are "pros", however, it still helps to have that understanding with others who are fighting and know that everything is in our Lord's hands! You both look amazing and you know what... hair will grow back! It's better than a bad haircut, cause you just can't go wrong! ;)
    Love in Christ,

  11. Peter and Kim,
    Praise God for your strength, eloquence and focus. Thank you for sharing with us your journey of love, life and growth. God is good. Prayers for you from Korea.


  12. I totally remember the saga of yore. Glad you are finally going to finish it for those of us left hanging. Your humiliation provides so much entertainment. :) Kim is beautiful even without the award-winning hair. You, brother, on the other hand.... (yes, I guess I was one of the mean girls) Dr. Evil. In all seriousness, thanks for your ongoing encouragement and testimony. Love and prayers!

  13. Continued prayer for you and your family Kim, you are such an inspiration to so many. Peter I love reading your blog you write so well.

  14. Praying for you guys and thinking of you right now. How's the hospital stay going? hopefully ONE more day! stay strong... I miss you. you know how beautiful you are, don't you? (i'm talking to Kim here ;-) ) you are more beautiful because of the strength you have and the courage you continue to show because of Christ in you. Hang in there friend... love you.

  15. So relieved chemo is going well and I'm so delighted to see your smiles. And I can't wait for one of the best love stories I've ever known to be re-told!!!!!