Monday, February 6, 2012

Update From Kim & Other Stuff

Since I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing from me - posted below is a little health update Kim typed up herself. Enjoy!
Thanks everyone for your notes and encouragements and prayers! Just thought to drop a note to say hi and give an update within these U of C walls ~ !

Dr. Sonali Smith came by early Sunday morning - I was surprised to see her here since I wasn't expecting her to come in until Monday. She's really sweet - I asked if she usually works on Sunday and she said no but she wanted to stop in to see a couple patients and had to do some writing. Anyway - the important part was that she did say she got the biopsy results from NWCH from the mass in my chest which confirmed it's primary medial stinal lymphoma which is what she suspected but w/o the biopsy she couldn't confirm it. Well, now that it's confirmed it affirms the decision to go with this more aggressive treatment.

Treatment has been going well - last night was rough tho' - not much sleep and the fatigue and nausea is more today than before. Guess that's right since more of this drug is in me.

I got another ECHO this morning and the PA doctor came by to say there's a moderate amount of effusion around my heart but since he didn't have previous records to compare to, there's no word on what that really means until they can get the records from the other hospital. I've been trying to walk on the treadmill here - so far did 15 mins and 20 mins on incline and afterwards felt like I ran a mile!

Thanks as always for your prayers!!

We got this little email from our kids today, complete with a healthy dose of emoticons...

 I love mommy.  You love me.  I hope you have a good time at the hospital.  Could you come home pleaaaaaase.  I'm waiting for a long time.  Can you please come home right now.
Love, Selah

Dear Mom i love you.I hope you get well soon.I wish you could come to are house TODAYLOVE TIMOTHY

dear mom,
i love you!
i'm so glad you are doing well
i wish we could see you at the hospital again
do i have to type with both hands
i wish you were well and had no cancer
i will be waiting for you when you come home!!!
Last but not least I have to say, I was extremely disappointed with the results of the poll thus far. I was certain that it would be a neck and neck race between Tom Cruise and David Beckham but it looks like most of you think I look like an old, bald Tibetan man. To add insult to injury I got plenty of emails offering up other look-alikes such as Sponge-Bob Squarepants (due to my flat skull) and Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Y'all are just mean. And for the three people who voted "Happy Buddha" I have your IP addresses and yes, I will find you.

That said, I did get a couple encouraging emails from my "Christian" friends. One was actually sent from a few people separately but it was specifically to cheer up my little girl Selah. Thanks so much! This pic was awesome.

The other came from our good friend's the Stotzs' who wrote this:
So, in typical Stotz fashion, we can't just vote like everyone else.  We cast our vote for hidden option F - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.  The likeness is uncanny!  Even the tattoos are a perfect match!  

I gotta say - I think the Stotz family is really onto something here...

In His Grace,

Peter & Kim


  1. Way to rock the treadmill, Kim!!! At this rate you'll be "Up & Running" with us in no time. ;) Continuing to pray for you daily. Jackson's prayers for you are so sweet. He always says, "Dear Jesus, Please help Mrs. Cho feel better." He'll often repeat it 2 or 3 times placing emphasis on different words in the sentence. Sometimes it's "Pleeeeeaaase" and other times it's "Mrs. CHOOOOO." I love it when he says, "See Mommy! I prayed for Mrs. Cho 3 times!!" We love you and will continue to pray!
    Jen :)

  2. Um...clearly the second picture of the Rock is Peter's head photoshopped on Rob Stotz's body.

    Glad that the first vote for the Chinese buffet dude came from me.

    All 5 of us continue to keep all of you in our prayers.

  3. Nate, it's so nice to know that others appreciate Rob for his chiseled physique. ;-) Peter, I think you should add The Rock to the voting options. I predict a landslide!

  4. Kim, so great to read a post from you! The beauty of Christ is so evident in you. Your kids and their letters are soooo precious! That is a pretty sweet photoshop of Peter into The Rock... I mean... what photoshop?! Praying for you! Love, Patty

  5. Totally laughing at the last pic!! Kim, so glad for the update. Praying you you all!